Your fish box for home

In times of Corona the alternative to the Stadtfarm visit.
We care for you – you care for us!

Not only practical, but also delicious!
Subscribe to our Fish Box and get different fish variations from the StadtFarm delivered to your home according to your needs.
Here you can find out how it works:


You order your fish box and choose between 2, 3 or 4 people and how often you want to eat fish.

We automatically deliver to your home twice a month.

Simply unpack and either prepare fresh fish immediately – or freeze it for a few days and enjoy it later.

You can change the fish box at any time flexibly in the quantity, pause (e.g. on vacation) or cancel.

Variants & Prices

We deliver your fish box to your home twice a month, the fish box S you get once a month. Customers of larger boxes, who choose a monthly delivery (by email or in the comment field below), save 2,90 EUR additionally as a small ecological thank you


  • Every month you will receive recipe suggestions and great inspiration about fish.
    You will be surprised how varied and easy it is to create delicious fish recipes!
  • Feel at our events that you are part of a community. At market days there are opportunities to participate, a wide selection of local and regional sustainably produced products and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like a product or don’t want to try it, just let us know. That way you will always get what you like best.
  • Your fish box can be cancelled monthly.

What’s in the fish box?

You will receive one or two different products from our fish portfolio with each delivery. There are tasty creations like our classic smoked fillet, the children’s classic fish balls and also bratwursts, barbecue skewers and much more.
Everything from our African Catfish, produced here on site in the Berlin StadtFarm.

Alternatively click on this link and download the order form, fill in all fields and send us an email with the completed
PDF as scan or photo or with e-signature as PDF to