CSA veggie box – Pickup

What´s in your veggie box?

In each vegetable box you can always find a selection of different StadtFarm & regional and organic products that vary seasonally, e.g.

  • Root & tuber vegetables: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions…
  • Leafy vegetables: lettuce, chard, spinach, rocket salad, or also picking salad with blossom…
  • Fruit vegetables: tomato, cucumber, paprika, or sometimes fruit e.g. apple…
  • Seasoning: herbs, pestos, dressing or herbal salt etc…

The StadtFarm vegetable box for Berlin is vegetarian and almost always vegan. In individual cases it may be that one of our sauces contains a non-vegan component, such as honey. In this case, however, you are sure to find someone in your circle of friends who would be happy to receive a small gift.

Over the year, the average monthly volume is approximately 15kg.

New every week, different every week, fresh every week.

You pick up your CSA (community supported agriculture) veggie box every week from our farm shop.

How do I get my veggie box?

You pick up your veggie box every week at our farmshop. Pickup times are either Wednesdays between 18:00 and 19:30, or Saturdays between 11:00 and 13:00. The pickup is organised by our members, many of whom take turns in handing out the vegetables.

What exactly is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

In Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or Solawi (solidarische Landwirtschaft) in German, there is no price for a single salad, but the entire vegetable produce of the StadtFarm is distributed to the CSA members for a fixed monthly amount. With your monthly contributions we can create a sustainable agriculture! Your most important obligation? Pick up and eat your delicious vegetables every week. This is the only way we can build an agriculture where no vegetables spoil in the field or have to be thrown away at middlemen, but arrive directly at those who eat them. With your appreciation, our vegetables get the value they deserve.

Your membership always runs for a full year (12 months). Unlike a subscription box, you cannot cancel your CSA portion on a weekly basis. The content of the vegetable portion results from the current harvest for all and cannot be adjusted individually. The amount of vegetables per share will vary seasonally throughout the year.

The StadtFarm-CSA not only provides you with fresh vegetables, but can be much more. It depends on you, your ideas and capacities, because many things are possible. There can be a preserving group that preserves harvest surpluses for everyone, you can support us in logistics or take over tasks in membership administration and communication. Recipes for the current seasonal vegetables are also welcome, as inspiration and stimulation for the member kitchens. Again, no one has to, but everyone can contribute.

Gemüsebox - Hofladen - Abholung - Panorama
Veggies from the StadtFarm


Products for the veggie box

vegetable box products

salads for the vegetable box


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