Healthy through the cold season – with and at StadtFarm

Sound familiar? In January, our body clearly lets us feel that we had too much candy and mulled wine over Christmas again, often instead of fruit and vegetables. In addition, the dry radiator air is slowly bothering us, and the short days make sure that we get up and come home in the dark. Suddenly our nose starts running and a cold announces itself… We have a few tips for you how to get through the cold season staying healthy!

1. Lots of fresh vitamins

Even in winter there are local vegetables that provide us with the most important vitamins. Kale and Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin C and also folic acid, but also carrots, leeks, lamb’s lettuce and celery are available fresh from local fields. Here at StadtFarm, salads and herbs grow all year round, and we have just harvested chard and kale for you.

In the form of a hearty vegetable soup with fish balls as a garnish, you are provided with plenty of healthy nutrients! But also pickled food strengthens our immune system thanks to lactic acid bacteria, like the Kimchi of our market partner Hanabira.

2. Drink regularly

Not only in summer, when we sweat a lot, our body needs a lot of fluids. Our mucous membranes are attacked by the dry air, viruses can settle down more easily. Freshly brewed teas and light spritzers keep us moist from the inside.

If you want to use the power of nature, cook fresh ginger for several minutes and add a dash of lemon after cooling, this additionally strengthens the body’s defences. Or you can reach for one of the delicious tea blends from our market partner Berliner Wiese, as hemp is said to lighten the mood – and with high spirits, the cold doesn’t stand a chance!

3. Sufficient exercise

Even if it is unpleasant outside: equipped with the right clothing, even the grubby Berlin winter is bearable. It doesn’t have to be endurance sport, a brisk walk is enough. Come and see us and combine your visit to the StadtFarm by enjoying the peace and quiet of the Herzberge Landscape Park in winter, or discover the artists’ graves in the “Socialist Cemetery” next door!

In this spirit, we wish you a healthy new year.