AquaTerraPonik with great ecological balance

The time has come: we have completed our life cycle assessment for the new location.

The calculations were quite an extensive undertaking. The occasion was our participation in this year’s federal ecodesign award, for which we prepared all the figures relating to our production. We had to make some assumptions, but the result is still quite impressive.


We save with AquaTerraPonik

  • 80% of the water demand
  • 80% of land consumption
  • 85% of CO2 (equivalent) emissions


compared to conventional generation.

This may not save the world right away, but if, for example, the consumption of your animal protein (= meat & fish, without milk & egg) as well as vegetables and fruit were to be obtained completely from AquaTerraPonik, you would save 2.75 tons of CO2 – from 9.2 tons caused by the average German per year, i.e. 25%. That would be a great start!