Stadtfarm produce with high detox potential

In the weeks after the holiday season, many of us want to practice some form of fasting. Be it abstinence from alcohol, a healthier diet or a traditional fasting cure. Those who really want to detoxify require high amounts of special minerals and trace elements. Unfortunately, especially selenium and silicon are hardly found in our food anymore, because the soil on which the vegetables are grown is depleted from conventional farming practices.

When we were recently made aware of this issue, we discovered that we do not have this problem at StadtFarm. The substrate (Terra) we have developed, in which our plants grow, provides minerals and trace elements in concentrated form. We have decided to have our products tested soon – also using comparative samples from the supermarket.

Detox as a marketing line – that is a huge health market. What a coincidence that we already developed the matching products such as lettuce-smoothies last year. Now we’ll exploit their potential!