StadtFarm winner of Berlin Prestige Award 2020

We‘re very proud to announce that we have been selected winner of the Berlin Prestige Award as „Agricultural Engineering Firm of the Year“.

The Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized businesses for their development and competitive performance. A jury chooses the winners based on accomplishments in four areas:

  • excellence of products, level of uniqueness and innovative ideas
  • a personal approach to customers and high level of service quality beyond customer expectations

  • succinct communication of brand ethos and mission

  • degree to which ethics and fairness impact corporate culture and employee satisfaction.

It fills us with pride that our efforts in making a positive impact in the agriculture and food industry have been recognised. We are grateful to our team and partners who work relentlessly to make StadtFarm successful. Our ultra-local production and uncompromising level of sustainability and service quality has paid off – with our customers and the award judges! Clearly, we’re on the right path. Let’s do more good – together!

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