6 aphrodisiac winter vegetables

For Valentine’s Day, we present 6 local winter vegetables that are said to have an aphrodisiac effect and that you can always get regionally in winter. Let yourself be inspired and conjure up an aphrodisiac Valentine’s Day dinner from regional ingredients. The word aphrodisiac comes from “Aphrodite”, the goddess of beauty and love. An aphrodisiac […]

Fresh fish – recognize, freeze & store

Fischers Fritz fishes fresh fish, but with our fresh fish tips, you’ll not only always catch the freshest fish when you shop, you’ll also learn how to properly freeze & store fresh fish. “Eat fish and stay healthy” The German Nutrition Society recommends one to two servings of fish per week. Especially during winter, fish […]

What is your ecological footprint?

What we eat has a huge impact on our environmental footprint. And we all usually eat every day. Healthy food is the key to overall well-being. That’s why our diets should be as nutrient-dense and unprocessed as possible. The use of chemicals and pesticides and the leaching of soils through conventional farming not only pollute […]

Catfish in puff pastry with pesto

Christmas recipe – Catfish in puff pastry with pesto Still looking for an unusual idea for a Christmas dinner? Then our recipe for catfish in puff pastry with pesto is just right for you. With only a few ingredients and quickly prepared, you can conjure up a dinner for the holidays in no time, which […]

StadtFarm winner of Berlin Prestige Award 2020

We‘re very proud to announce that we have been selected winner of the Berlin Prestige Award as „Agricultural Engineering Firm of the Year“. The Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized businesses for their development and competitive performance. A jury chooses the winners based on accomplishments in four areas: excellence of products, level of […]

Crowdinvesting campaign from Stadtfarm live

Today it’s time for seedrs to go live with Stadtfarm’s crowd investing campaign! 138.000 Euro have already been invested in the pre-phase. That’s 40 percent of the campaign’s total. https://www.seedrs.com/stadtfarm Our message: “We produce for people who love the city, appreciate healthy food and want to enjoy it with a clear conscience. We are pleased […]

Cooking fish: Pickling

Roasting, steaming, grilling – there are many ways to cook fish. A rather rare method is pickling. Here you can prepare pickled fish yourself with relatively little effort. And it’s worth it, because pickling not only makes the fish last longer, but also makes it particularly tender and tasty. Try it out! Pickling is a […]