What is your ecological footprint?

What is your ecological footprint?

What we eat has a huge impact on our environmental footprint. And we all usually eat every day. Healthy food is the key to overall well-being. That’s why our diets should be as nutrient-dense and unprocessed as possible. The use of chemicals and pesticides and the leaching of soils through conventional farming not only pollute the environment, but more and more food ends up on our plates that is not polluted, but also low in nutrients.

In addition, processing and transport generate a lot of packaging and CO2 emissions. More and more people in urban areas are consuming more and more food. Food that is produced, processed and transported. The more complex the production and processing and the further the food has to be transported, the greater the impact on the environment. We counter the increasing demand with a sustainable concept.

We believe that food should be healthy, fresh and as natural as possible. That’s why we grow fish, seasonal vegetables & herbs in a sustainable closed loop system: The excrement of the fish is converted into fertilizer by bacteria. The water then flows through basins with soil, in which earthworms also cavort and process the water. The plants absorb the nutrients, thereby purifying the water, which is then returned to the fish.

Because our system is so natural, no hormones or antibiotics are used, nor are pesticides or herbicides. This sustainable and resource-saving method saves us more than 80% of the water, 80% of the land and 85% of the CO2 emissions of conventional products!

All StadtFarm products are prepared directly at the producer’s location, as close to the consumer as possible. In this way, we make a significant contribution to urban nutrition and make urban food possible for all.

We want to show that sustainable and local products are not a luxury. On the contrary – they are the answer to conventional food supply. With short transport routes, little packaging but lots of healthy content. And with an environment that is an experience for the senses. Whether in Berlin Herzberge or Berlin Rummelsburg – the choice is yours. Discover the bay Rummelsburg or the landscape park Herzberge and get the delicious food from the StadtFarm.

Come by and get an insight in our sustainable concept.