The StadtFarm planting calendar

Get ready for the new planting year! We in the StadtFarm are already in the starting blocks and also the garden people among you have certainly already thought about which seeds should be in the ground.
To make planning easier for you, we have created a handy overview: The StadtFarm planting calendar.
It gives you – in alphabetical order – an overview of when the various vegetables are either ready for preplanting or direct sowing and when they can be harvested.

Salatpflanze mit Schaufel

Planting season starts even in the city

You don’t have to have a whole garden to harvest your own vegetables. You can also practice urban gardening in the city on the balcony, the terrace or even on the windowsill. You can grow your plants in raised beds or boxes – or even use all kinds of pots, bags and household objects for this purpose. There are also collectives in most cities that you can join. In any case, it is important to use the right fertilizer (e.g. Bokashi or Terra Preta) and seeds.

Did you know? Urban Gardening is the little sister of Urban Farming as we do it at StadtFarm. With our AquaTerraPonics, we want to transform food in the city and produce local food next to your door.

With the StadtFarm planting calendar through the garden year

With our planting calendar you have a handy overview of when is the best time to start preplanting the seedlings or when you can put the seeds directly into the ground. And then look forward to the abundant harvest throughout the year. As you can already see from the color scheme of the calendar, most varieties of vegetables are harvested in late summer and fall. However, you can enjoy some of them very early or even in winter.
Think about which vegetables you prefer to eat throughout the year and plan accordingly.

Download the planting calendar here


StadtFarm Pflanzkalender

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In the StadtFarm you can of course buy everything freshly harvested that is in season. In spring you can buy a variety of herbs and salads, and a little later tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Our African Catfish is available all year round.
We are looking forward to your visit!