Free e-book: The StadtFarm fish cookbook ( German)

Drum roll and trumpets, here it comes: The StadtFarm fish cookbook.
With 19 tasty recipes from food bloggers and the StadtFarm team that will make your mouth water.

Cooking with fish

Cooking with fish is so simple and versatile – and delicious to boot.
Often, however, the traditional fish dish in the canteen on Fridays or fish fingers from the freezer is all that’s left. In Germany we only eat about 14 kg of fish per person per year. This is comparatively little compared to our meat consumption of about 88 kg (source BMLE).

With our cookbook we want to show you what delicious dishes can be made from fish. Therefore we asked 14 food bloggers to prepare a dish of their choice with our African Catfish. The StadtFarm team has added some of their favourite recipes.

From an unusual variation of the English Fish & Chip to a trendy Bowl, everything is included that makes our foodie heart beat faster.
The recipes in the e-book are categorised according to the way they are prepared. You will also find useful tips for each method of preparation.


From the pan

For a snack

  • Fish Rillettes from
  • Fish in aspic with beetroot and lentil salad from StadtFarm cook Florian

Breaded and deep-fried

In soups and sauces

  • Fish minestrone with parmesan croutons by StadtFarm chef Oscar
  • Fish with colorful vegetable curry from


From the grill

  • Fish sausages with stewed tomatoes by StadtFarm graphic designer Steffi
  • Fish skewers with eggplant by StadtFarm Social Media Manager Janine

From the oven


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Why African Catfish?

The consumption of fish, especially our African Catfish from sustainable AquaTerraPonik has many advantages.
With the consumption of our fish you make a contribution against the overfishing of the seas. Our African Catfish from AquaTerraPonik lives in its home country during the dry season in a similarly cramped environment as in aquaculture, that’s why it is completely relaxed in our home – it knows no other way. Even Greenpeace and the WWF recommend him in their shopping guide.

Furthermore you support us in climate protection! Our system saves more than 80% of the land, 80% of the water and 85% of the CO2 compared to conventional agriculture.

Our fish grow up without genetic engineering, antibiotics and hormones and can therefore be consumed with a clear conscience. African Catfish naturally contains valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and supports a health-conscious diet.

Furthermore, it is simply delicious! The slightly nutty taste, the tender meat and practically no bones make it the ideal all-rounder in the kitchen. You can find more information about our African Catfish here.

Did you get the desire to cook with our African Catfish?
You can buy fresh fish fillet, as well as smoked fish, skewers, bratwursts and shashlik Monday, Friday and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm in our farm shop or have it delivered Monday to Friday within a 5 km radius.

Nationwide we currently ship smoked fish and canned fish products.
You like surprises? Berlin-wide there is our fish box as Abo:

Not only practical, but delicious – your fish box for home.

Not only practical, but also delicious – your fish box for your home.