Treat yourself to an extra dose of vitamins and minerals with our delicious leek & potato casserole. Just the thing for bad weather. Once you’ve finished the casserole, you can enjoy a fragrant baked apple for dessert. The best thing about it – the baked apple almost makes itself in the oven, which is hot from the casserole. This is a simple and relaxed way to create a creative and healthy menu.

Porree (Leek):

  • Rich in iron, among other things important for energy production in the cell.
  • High content of vitamin C, positive influence on important metabolic processes
  • High in potassium – important for the transmission of impulses to nerve and muscle cells
  • Sulfur-containing essential oils promote digestion and have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Just 100 grams of leeks cover almost the daily requirement of vitamins A and K, for eyes and blood clotting

The potato:

  • Contains almost all important minerals and trace elements
  • Stimulates the metabolism and has an alkaline effect
  • Has one of the highest percentages of usable protein among vegetable protein suppliers
  • Has a blood pressure lowering effect due to its high potassium content.
  • The “lemon of the north” provides you with plenty of vitamin C even in winter


  • Brings it on unbelievable 30 vitamins and trace elements, for example B-vitamins 1,2,6, vitamin E & vitamin C
  • Full of valuable minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron.
  • Consists of 85 percent water and has only about 60 kilocalories
  • Provides quick energy thanks to grape and fruit sugars.
  • Many antioxidants provide protection against free radicals

Ingredients for 2 people:

Potato and leek casserole:
500 g potatoes
250 g leek
300 ml milk / soy cream
1 tablespoon butter / margarine
spices: Nutmeg, salt Pepper
To taste 150 g cheese, grated

Baked apple:
2 apples
2 tsp honey or a vegan alternative
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 tsp butter / margarine
to taste: ground nuts, raisins or almond slivers


Potato and leek casserole:

  • Cut the potatoes and leeks into thin slices or rings.
  • Grease a baking dish with butter / margarine. Then layer the vegetables in the dish, always alternating a layer of potato slices and leek. Season each layer individually with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  • Sprinkle with cheese or a vegan alternative if desired.
  • Pour the milk / soy cream over the casserole and cook in the oven at 200 °C for about 30 – 40 minutes.

Baked apple:

  • Grease the casserole dish with a little margarine.
  • Wash the apples, cut out the core and put them in the baking dish.
  • For the filling, mix ingredients such as raisins, almond slivers, nuts, honey and cinnamon.
  • Fill apples evenly with this mixture.
  • Put another flake of margarine on each apple.
  • Place in the oven still hot from the casserole at 200 °C and bake for about 15 – 20 minutes. Enjoy as a dessert.

Download the recipe here

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